M.S.Curie , Children’s Hospital MiniCinema

The idea behind Hospital- Cinema Project (opened in July 2018, with the support of Orange Foundation) is extremely simple – install, manage and build a hospital mini-cinema for the sole purpose and enjoyment of the little patients and users.

Hospital – MiniCinema brings the real benefits of cinematherapy to patients and their families while having treatment in M.S.Curie Children Hospital in Bucharest.
For patients, the chance to ‘escape’ from hospital, even for a couple of hours, has a huge impact on their stay in hospital. Volunteering is incredibly rewarding – knowing that you are making a difference to a patient’s life, and it’s so nice to interact with them.

Would you like to be part of the Hospital-MiniCinema family? Our Hospital-MiniCinema volunteers are vital members of the team, giving their commitment, time and energy on a regular basis (Each Saturday- 9 to 13, in M.S.Curie Hospital, Bucharest).

Of course, volunteers can be involved also in the other activities we hold all over the children hospital (playrooms, bedside activities, occupational therapy, emotional support for children and parents offered by trained psychologists, charity shop volunteering, etc;)= see www.voluntarinspital.com = here:  https://voluntarinspital.com/inscrieri-in-program/ ;

If you are 16+ and looking for a role that brings immediate benefit and pleasure to patients, one that enables you to see the real difference you’re making to their lives, then volunteering at the Hospital MiniCinema Project could be for you.

It really is a great volunteering job! Write or call us!

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Voluntar in Spital

…Carrying on the Mercy Charism through our hospital volunteer program.

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